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Don’t get this!
July 18, 2022
I thought it would be a good idea to get a refurbished iPad for college, but I was deeply disappointed in this product. The outer shell w...
Huge · Review provided by walmart.com
Lousy Price For Old iPad; iPads Easy To Use
October 16, 2021
This is a high price for a Generation 8 iPad with only 32 Gb of storage. That’s not enough to do anything and will fill up and slow down ...
catrescuer · Review provided by QVC
Not As described
November 08, 2021
My ipad came with no Apple logo which I find strange I ordered space Gray and pink and I got black and the actual ipad is glued into the ...
MamaLucas · Review provided by QVC
Never Buy Refurbishment Items
May 16, 2021
I bought this IPad March 7, 2021 for my daughter for her birthday which was on the 18th of March and 2 weeks later of me giving it to her...
Nita · Review provided by walmart.com
IPads Are Difficult To Use
October 16, 2021
We just got iPads issued to everyone in my school, including teachers (teachers still have Apple laptops as well). Last year, everyone ha...
CrazyChemistryTeacher · Review provided by QVC
September 04, 2022
I relieved this iPad and it was all scratched up on the back and has a few scuff in the corner as if it was dropped a few times. My bigge...
Jordan · Review provided by walmart.com
Such a disappointment!
January 09, 2021
When my iPad and accessories finally arrived, several weeks late, I was shocked when I opened the box. The headphones were not gold as or...
PATRN · Review provided by QVC
Beware! Shipped IPad in a bubble envelope!!
May 09, 2021
This review is not for the quality of the IPad which is good. Its for Walmarts shipping method. They chose to put the IPad in a bubble en...
Anneliese · Review provided by walmart.com
Poor Performance and bad display
October 30, 2021
Had side by side comparison by my new 8th generation iPad (only damage was the one of volume control). The display shade is darker almost...
Donotbuy · Review provided by walmart.com
It doesn't work as expected
December 10, 2021
I got this iPad to live with the experience of internet on the go. It was fiasco, the setting of the apple itself wasn't a big deal, but ...
· Review provided by att.com
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