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Nice picture - but useless as a smart TV
October 12, 2021
Bought this to replace an older TV, so as to have the latest streaming channels, like iPlayer, Apple TV+ and support of Amazon Alexa. Sal...
BrianM2 · Review provided by sony.co.uk
Very poor support for the PlayStation!!
December 15, 2021
Sony seems completely indifferent to their horrible reviews for the PlayStation SUPPORT!! Their “Support Bot” refuses to let you talk, or...
Jamison Hill · Review provided by Google
July 05, 2022
Watching Wimbledon tennis. Picture is spoiled by long streaks of yellow tracking ball motion. Adjustment does not get rid of the problem....
NOT A GOOD STORY · Review provided by sony.co.uk
Please do not buy this TV not what you think.
September 30, 2021
I was persuaded to buy this TV when I went in for the Samsung. I specifically told the salesman that it needed to have catch up services ...
Dan3168 · Review provided by sony.co.uk
Not whet they used to be
February 12, 2022
This was to replace an excellent old Sony Bravia. I have just exchanged the new Sony for an LG. Unlike the old one, support for hearing a...
Qwertymnbvc · Review provided by sony.co.uk
January 18, 2022
Purchased this TV on December 29th 2019 and had it installed on the 4th January 2020 and worked fine until December 2021 and failed to st...
· Review provided by sony.co.uk
Horrible customer service!
November 10, 2021
Worst customer service experience I've ever had after buying the 77 inch version. Every time I am watching TV either using ota TV or hdmi...
Michael Davis · Review provided by Google
Lacking modern day features for a smart TV
July 17, 2021
Having owned a Sony Bravia circa 10yrs ago, you can always rely on the build and overall design aesthetics which are integral to owning a...
Caulk Bayliss · Review provided by sony.co.uk
Dead within 5 months!
August 21, 2022
No doubt it has excellent picture quality but my A80J 77” which sells for over $7,000 died on me last night. It failed to turn on and it’...
Xenoic · Review provided by sony.com.au
A Eunuch Smart Tv at a stallion price!
December 10, 2021
Such a fantastic picture and sound - all and more than I have come to expect from Sony. But totally useless as a smart tv in the Uk - as ...
Petertoo · Review provided by sony.co.uk
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