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Great monitor with some bugs..
August 02, 2022
First off, the display itself is amazing. The picture clarity, refresh rate, and size/curve are all perfect for my needs. Where this moni...
Jarrett · Review provided by samsung.com
Great concept, poor execution
July 24, 2022
The oddyssey g9 is a wonderful monitor for everything; productivity, gaming, you name it. But it has a few manufacturing issues. My model...
AveryB · Review provided by samsung.com
Good picture, but crippled by a big flaw
November 03, 2021
if you are using this monitor with one device, this is not a bad choice. i bought this monitor for home office and gaming. vmware horizon...
Thomas · Review provided by samsung.com
amazing monitor but you cant run two of them
November 28, 2021
so i loved this monitor so much i bought a 2nd one. problem though is when you run two of them they cannot both be setup running at 240hz...
InvaderRCF · Review provided by samsung.com
Nice Monitor, but not for me and my uses.
December 22, 2021
nice monitor, but not for me. i purchased two of these for my desk. i liked them a lot. i liked the curve, as i had the monitors side by ...
scvat · Review provided by samsung.com
great looking monitor but PBP isnt working right
January 11, 2021
Not sure what the issue is with the PBP but Im using a laptop on half and an Xbox on half. the laptop side is working fine, except that a...
Klabel01 · Review provided by Micro Center
It's OK.
January 06, 2022
i got this monitor recently to replace my other 24 inch samsung which i was giving away. overall it is fine, the design is sleek and ligh...
Kaiuuki · Review provided by samsung.com
Great Monitor But....
August 03, 2022
got this monitor and it's beautiful. amazing colors and contrast but.... after having it for a few weeks i noticed a blemish on the ar co...
Vato · Review provided by samsung.com
SDR is outstanding, HDR is broken in gaming.
September 01, 2021
i got this monitor based on all the rave reviews when i set up my home office. you'll hear conflicting reports that the hdr works or is b...
Lexicon mc1 · Review provided by samsung.com
Solid display, except for one frustrating issue
November 07, 2020
i recieved this monitor a few days ago, and its been great so far. 144hz is smooth, the wqhd resolution is super crisp, exceptional brigh...
AvgCroissant · Review provided by samsung.com
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