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Not the same color
November 29, 2022
I just received the sunburst dr-100. The stock photo is not the same color as the actual guitar. The guitar I received is an ugly yellow ...
Benjamin · Review provided by guitarcenter.com
Review of Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Natural
January 30, 2023
This came free with an Epiphone Les Paul Studio and so I can’t really complain too much about it. For what would have been a £99 acoustic...
Reviewed by guitarguitar customer · Review provided by GUITARGUITAR
The body is not mahogany
March 06, 2022
Overall: I own one of these guitars. It's brighter than more expensive guitars yet still sounds great. Recently I cut into it to install ...
· Review provided by zzounds.com
Very surprising in a very pleasant way
August 16, 2021
This was a great purchase. I don't like to take my Martin D-28 nor my D-17 to venues where it might have rough treatment, so I bought thi...
Taylor WS · Review provided by guitarcenter.com
January 26, 2020
Okay, here goes. I ordered this instrument kinda on a whim to see if it was a good guitar for a very low price. I own mostly $300 plus gu...
Kevin · Review provided by americanmusical.com
GREAT DEAL, wine red color is stunning.
December 06, 2019
Sound: Right out of the box, it was tune and go. Sounds like a much more expensive guitar than it is. Features: This is probably the bes...
Michael · Review provided by zzounds.com
Awesome Guitar!
August 14, 2021
Look, I have played guitar over 50 years. I bought this to have a guitar to play around the camp fire or just drag around. I had Sweetwat...
· Review provided by sweetwater.com
"Epiphone DR-100 Blemished Experiment."
December 08, 2015
Overall: I've read tons of guitar reviews for fun on all kinds of different brand names. I've been playing guitar since 1975. I play almo...
Jimmy · Review provided by zzounds.com
February 07, 2020
Overall: I spent around 5-6 weeks reading reviews before I finally bought my first guitar. This is the only acoustic I found that doesnt ...
Wyman · Review provided by zzounds.com
Unbelievable playability and sound.
December 08, 2018
Much more than a starter guitar. Put a set of Elixir strings on this, a minor tweak of the action and away you go. Plays like an electric...
· Review provided by musiciansfriend.com
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