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Peak Zephyrus
October 04, 2022
I’ve owned a ton of high end gaming laptops, from Razer, MSI, Alienware etc. I had a G14 prior to this and thoroughly enjoyed it, but fou...
SeriesNone · Review provided by bestbuy.com
I cannot say enough good things about this laptop
December 03, 2022
(In all Honesty, I got mine for a reduced price as it was returned a previous customer and inspected by geek squad, I.e it had been sligh...
AndrewK · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Get it if you can
July 06, 2022
The Ryzen 5900HS in this bad boy reaches almost 5500 during the all-core stress test in CPU-Z. By comparison, my desktop's freakin' Ryzen...
AlexKhan · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Long awaited and much appreciated
May 12, 2022
This laptop is exactly what I was looking for. I've finally got it set up and updated, and downloaded some games to give it a test. So fa...
Lunch · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Great productivity/gaming laptop. Phone Webcam :D
February 27, 2022
I really think this laptop is the most well rounded laptop. It has long battery life. There are many built in conveniences both hardware-...
koalabreak · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Excellent value when on sale
March 03, 2022
This is a great laptop. Asus ROG series laptops are very good and this is no exception. It has Ryzen 9 5900HS, 8c/16t, comes with a toshi...
AshleyLee · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Spectacular value
February 10, 2022
I'm upgrading from my Asus ROG G752VY, a fantastic machine that is still going strong but I'm traveling much more these days and cannot e...
Justaguy · Review provided by bestbuy.com
A Great All 'Rounder
July 15, 2022
I'm fairly certain this model will be unavailable by the time you see this post, but if you can get this open box then pick it up asap (o...
JoeMoma · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Solid gaming laptop with some compromises
August 20, 2021
Excellent compromise between weight, power and portability. The chassis is grown up enough to not scream, "Gaming laptop" which is very u...
Orangejulius · Review provided by bestbuy.com
The best lightweight/premium design gaming laptop
February 23, 2022
I originally purchased a Zephyrus M16 (i9/3060) before returning it for this model, as it went on sale to become the same price as the M1...
Chris · Review provided by bestbuy.com
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