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I would recommend, but also buy the 4 yr warranty.
November 09, 2022
Its still a good working chromebook. Except my screen came defective, where the screen didn't fit in the plastic sides. Which made it mor...
ToriTheSimp · Review provided by Google
Great at first, but was upset after a year
May 22, 2019
Glitches: Some people were experiencing many issues with the chromebook, which was much more frequent than I thought. This can easily be ...
thelambsauce · Review provided by samsung.com
V1 had a better usbc layout for charging
November 18, 2018
Compared to V1, V2 has a horrid USBC layout. Before I could plug my computer in on either side of the device because the usbc ports were ...
g20BB · Review provided by samsung.com
Vastly inferior to Samsung Galaxy Tab4
November 18, 2019
The font is gray, rather than black, and there is no way to make it more visible. Definitely not good for eyes over 40. Font on tabs in m...
DrDMS · Review provided by samsung.com
great design but with issues
February 14, 2017
so far out of the box the design is great. Pen is a nice addition when needed. I am having issues with the microphone not triggering "ok ...
amartins02 · Review provided by samsung.com
LTE is Verizon Only
December 01, 2018
Just received after being on backorder all month. The 'LTE' support is Verizon only. It's not listed anywhere in the specs above. Unlike ...
BFLONG · Review provided by samsung.com
Nice product
October 29, 2017
Overall this is a nice product. Love the design and the sleek metal case. Nice and lightweight for using on your lap. I bought it for wat...
Dianabh2 · Review provided by samsung.com
Good but not Great
March 14, 2017
This is my first time using chrome book and I must say that being able to use apps from google play makes this thing very useful. I can d...
Kraze5578 · Review provided by samsung.com
Does the Job
October 27, 2018
Good: - Snappy - Great screen - Good enough for basic browsing etc. - Its a device you may hate in beginning but you'll eventually like/a...
aisla · Review provided by samsung.com
November 13, 2020
I like the idea behind it! Unfortunately it's processing is slow. Updating apps is slow. Half the time Google play apps won't update. I ...
Charles Svoboda · Review provided by Google
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