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HINGE BROKEN, like everyone else here.
September 24, 2021
samsung reall dropped the ball with this one. laptop hing out of nowhere popped out and broke. device was never handled poorly or dropped...
Angie · Review provided by samsung.com
Not all the glisten is gold..
March 08, 2021
i bought this computer initially to do some homework and also some video editing on the go, heck even at home. from the beginning i notic...
Joyleah · Review provided by samsung.com
Same hinge problem as everyone else it seems...
April 29, 2021
i bought this book in june 2019. i've done nothing but baby it. it runs fairly well overall, but then today, out of nowhere - literally, ...
KitKat · Review provided by samsung.com
Stay away from this Chromebook
August 28, 2020
i love all the samsung products i own including galaxy phones (s8, s9), tablet and tv. with that experience in mind i made a mistake buyi...
ravileos · Review provided by samsung.com
Ghost Screen
September 27, 2020
i bought this chromebook in 2018 for college and it worked amazingly in the beginning. ironically, four months after the warranty expired...
Gabby · Review provided by samsung.com
Left Hinge Failure - Like Everyone Else
March 19, 2021
my sopohomore daughter loved this until... like so many others, the left hinge failed causing the corner of the screen to catch on the ke...
DanaS · Review provided by samsung.com
July 21, 2019
I have had an S2 and S6, spectacular devices. I have a Tab A 2018 and an S8, also spectacular devices. I read all the reviews and the C...
Keith S · Review provided by samsung.com
Almost every Android app experiences huge problems
February 12, 2017
Although they say that Nougat will fix the problems, Android apps simply do not run smoothly. I rushed out and bought this Chromebook, an...
Renordw · Review provided by samsung.com
Great device! Until...
July 06, 2020
i've been using this chromebook since late november 2018, and it's served me well for taking notes in classes, studying, sketching, netfl...
· Review provided by samsung.com
Without touchscreen...just a low end chromebook!
June 28, 2018
Initially I was excited by the improvements and quality build of this Chromebook plus. It has had a few minor issues, which can be expect...
Pilgrim65 · Review provided by walmart.com
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