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Great performance, broken hinge mount
December 28, 2021
i've used this for about 2 years. the pen works great, the screen looks great, the battery is great. i was hoping to use it up to its pro...
ayerto · Review provided by samsung.com
Dont waste your money.
June 13, 2022
Bought this chromebook thinking it would help me work on my projects on the go, but it's not capable of running more than like 2 apps at ...
sawyer · Review provided by walmart.com
Very Disappointing
January 26, 2022
was very happy with the laptop, was not in use that often. as soon as the warranty expired the hinge busted out of the screen. apparently...
MrsS · Review provided by samsung.com
June 30, 2022
i really liked the device for light work, but mostly for entertainment. i was going to hand it off to my child because she could use the ...
Saddened · Review provided by samsung.com
Left hinge failed just like everyone else's
January 25, 2021
do not buy this piece of junk. opened the screen one morning and the left side hinge tore through the front plastic of the screen. the hi...
Tom D · Review provided by samsung.com
Hinge failure + Customer service failure.
March 10, 2021
i bought two of these laptops for my daughters to use for school. one of the laptop's hinges failed and it was submitted to samsung for r...
ZMan · Review provided by samsung.com
Major Design Flaw! Don't Buy!
December 10, 2020
i purchased this chromebook in november 2018. over the course of two years i probably used it for less than 100 hours. it worked fine in ...
Cody · Review provided by samsung.com
Known Defect Never Fixed
July 17, 2021
this was my first chromebook, and for the first few months, i loved it. like many others, shortly after the first few months, the known i...
Rebecca · Review provided by samsung.com
Broken hinge
October 17, 2021
i love this laptop. super fast, convenient, and starts up fast. however, this model laptop has serious issues. my first one had a hinge r...
· Review provided by samsung.com
Great From Factor Terrible Build Quality
April 01, 2021
this device was quite a quandry. i say was, because i have decided i am just not going to fix it anymore. it was simultaneously the best,...
2bad · Review provided by samsung.com
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