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June 01, 2016
Save your money and save up for something else. While cheap it comes with some major flaws. As an e reader it's okay, but as with most ta...
nichole.d · Review provided by influenster.com
Defective right out of the box, as other users have had happen.
March 04, 2014
Bought this to put scriptures, download movies and games for the kids on it. There were no paper instructions, so I decided to see if it ...
lightning-ranger · Review provided by ebay.com
Too old now
March 26, 2020
The generation 2 amazon kindle has ancient software that cant update. It cant download much that works and there is no micro sd slot, but...
le_mezer · Review provided by ebay.com
Had to return it.
July 20, 2014
I spent 3 hours on the phone with tech support the first day. They had me load and delete everything a couple of times. Then on the secon...
not2bforgotten · Review provided by staples.com
June 08, 2020
I don’t know if I just have bad luck with tablets but this one was really frustrating. We received these for my kids so they could keep i...
tiffany.s · Review provided by influenster.com
July 04, 2021
I got this when it first came out, not for me, to slow for a tablet and for a kindle, I like the paper white, I know it sounds strange bu...
elizabeth.f · Review provided by influenster.com
April 21, 2016
I purchased not only one of these tablets, but two of them, just to be continually disappointed. In the first two months of usage, no pro...
channon.m · Review provided by influenster.com
April 13, 2019
I bought this item off Amazon, refurbished. I should have just returned it. I spoke to customer service numerous times for pointless outc...
sarah.g · Review provided by influenster.com
August 16, 2019
The worst! I have my four youngest with this 'starter tablet' and it is the worst decision ever. The updates dont happen auto, but the ta...
tai.m · Review provided by influenster.com
Screen freezes up too often
June 20, 2016
Touch screen freezes up too often. Don't know whether it's due to apps running in the background. Seems to not have this issue as often w...
rockstare13 · Review provided by ebay.com
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