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disappointed in this faulty product
January 03, 2023
I bought this about 13-14 months ago on the official samsung.com website. After 6 months, it started to have a major problem with the mai...
Flip3User · Review provided by samsung.com
Stay away, not worth it, same old screen issues
April 12, 2023
I knew a foldable was a risk and I regret taking the chance. I trusted by the third generation they'd have the screen issues worked out b...
DW94 · Review provided by samsung.com
Screen Crease 1 - User 0
January 17, 2023
My wife through the years has always been one for quirky designed phones *think the 05-10 hayday lol. So when she saw the Flip she was ve...
miketex90 · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Poor external design execution
March 02, 2023
Ok so unless your a perfect human being that doesn't have a snow ball chance in hell of breaking things by mistake. Do not get this phone...
Samsung Consumer · Review provided by samsung.com
BEWARE of this model. DO NOT PURCHASE!
January 04, 2023
I am unsure where to begin. I am currently writing this review on my laptop, as my 5th samsung galaxy z-flip 3 has yet again, broken. I a...
Adam Z · Review provided by samsung.com
Buyer Beware - Faulty Screen Protector
February 04, 2023
We bought the Flip 3 in July 2022, up until two weeks ago Samsung covered 1 free screen protector replacement (as long as you were in the...
Kraill · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
February 04, 2023
I've owned this phone for a little bit over three months. For the last 4 or 5 weeks it has not worked on cellular data, it only works whe...
Tobias · Review provided by samsung.com
Screen cracked and customer service is useless
June 07, 2022
I purchased a Flip3 as soon as they came out in August of 2021. Shortly thereafter, the screen started to crack on the fold. It started o...
Dacko · Review provided by samsung.com
Poor quality phone and poor customer service
November 07, 2022
My husband purchased the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 for my Birthday in December of 2021. In June, the manufacturers screen protector began t...
Noelle Van Leuven · Review provided by Google
This Flip is a Flop
January 27, 2023
Sadly I fell prey to this new "innovative" product. Everyday use and careful care only resulted in 3 months of use. I heard that this pho...
Sadforgettingaflip · Review provided by samsung.com
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