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A top tier phone for a fraction of the price!
September 08, 2022
Fantastic flagship high end, of a mid-tier smartphone class But totally worthy of top tier competition! Why spend over $1000 for a top ti...
Mortland · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Excellent Android Experience
February 18, 2022
I’ve had my Pixel 6 Pro (256K) for ten weeks and my wife has the Pixel 6 (128K) which she’s had for a couple of more weeks than I have. I...
Mukman · Review provided by vzw.com
Good Phone With Potential To Be Better!!
October 21, 2022
I've had my Google Pixel 6 Pro for about 3 weeks. I was ecstatic to finally own a Pixel, because I've heard nothing but great things abou...
Chevygrl00 · Review provided by store.google.com
Perfect phone for those who want something more
February 18, 2022
This phone is great! Easy to use and no bloatware to remove when you get it. My favorite part about owning a Pixel phone is that it reall...
solomantiger · Review provided by bestbuy.com
This VS. Oneplus 9 pro
March 25, 2022
I bought this and a oneplus 9 pro. I ultimately ended up taking this phone back. Theae phones ultimately were close, but the oneplus 9 is...
CleatusVanDamme · Review provided by bestbuy.com
The best phone ever launched with some problems
November 14, 2021
~TL;DR version~ Pros: • Extremely fast processor and ample RAM • Latest security updates and Android versions • Camera opens fast and sho...
benzy · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Almost a perfect phone
May 28, 2022
I have had this phone only for a couple of days. I upgraded from an LG v40 think q phone. The LG was slowly dying and had a cracked scree...
Rramsey718 · Review provided by vzw.com
Nice sleek phone
January 31, 2022
The Pixel 6 Pro from Google is the latest and the greatest in smartphones. It is a sleek device which has a crisp 6.7 inch QHD screen wit...
shadowdog87 · Review provided by store.google.com
Great Hardware, Awesome Camera, No Storage Options
November 09, 2021
I bought my last "flagship" phone about two years ago, so it was time for a new one, which is why I jumped as soon as an opportunity to t...
NinjaTard · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Great for a phone, okay for a Pixel
February 04, 2022
I've been a Google Pixel fan since I got the first one years ago. Through upgrades, I found that I loved how the phone was malleable to m...
Sarah · Review provided by store.google.com
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