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Amazing colors, Bad Quality Control
January 26, 2023
I hooked this up upon receiving it and almost dead center is a cluster of dead pixels. It appears to be about four of them. Sitting a foo...
DKizzy · Review provided by samsung.com
Had 2 monitors, both faulty
March 31, 2022
the first one of theses i bought had a very loud burst of static audio every few minutes or so, making the monitor almost unusable whethe...
· Review provided by samsung.com
July 17, 2022
i am very disappointed with several things about this monitor. 1. the ambient lighting is utterly worthless, it is not nearly bright enou...
TommyD · Review provided by samsung.com
Monitor is phenomenal until it isn’t
July 29, 2022
bought the g9 in november 2020. the monitor works phenomenally for the first 18 months until i start using it with several computers (mac...
Beto · Review provided by samsung.com
240 HZ didn't work out of the box
July 18, 2022
i got the device recently everything was working until i turned on the most important feature that is advertised 240hz!!!!! the device wo...
LordRGB · Review provided by samsung.com
Great for gaming, terrible for desktop work
November 15, 2021
the neo g9 is an awesome monitor. only on paper unfortenately. i had to order 3 times to get past the horrible quality control of samsung...
MrJuggle · Review provided by samsung.com
Buggy mess of a display
December 21, 2021
purchase and shipping experience was great. issues 1. the osd refuses to save settings changes. i have the newest firmware available, and...
Chris · Review provided by samsung.com
HDR and scanline issues
September 01, 2021
first off. i still own the previous 2020 g9 model. i paid $1,400 for that monitor, and as far as issues go, it still has scan lines when ...
KronosMarauder · Review provided by samsung.com
Performance doesn't meet price tag
September 22, 2021
pros: good local dimming height adjustable stand (expected at the price point) very bright issues: - horizontal lines most noticeable in ...
jwalker55 · Review provided by samsung.com
Cracked screen on arrival
June 24, 2022
beware of the risk of getting your display with a cracked screen on arrival, very hard to know where/how this happened, box seems fine, a...
ShatteredDreams · Review provided by samsung.com
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