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Decent specs for price
January 24, 2023
As someone with range of galaxy eco products, it is always lovely to compare improved innovative with previously owned products. A8 is a ...
mancally9 · Review provided by ebay.com
Samsung S8 tablet - Fantastic Device
May 09, 2023
I'm the type of guy who likes my phones and tablets big. Well the A8 IS BIG Alright! It is fast too! The only problem, and not a problem ...
EzzilyDone · Review provided by samsung.com
Great tablet - very happy child
May 18, 2023
Purchased online at Harvey Norman in May 2023. Great solid build quality. We also purchased a separate case and screen protector from ano...
Phill · Review provided by harveynorman.co.nz
Great tablet
November 18, 2022
Here’s what I like - - Easy setup - clear screen - thin and lightweight - works great for all audio apps including Amazon Music, Tidal m...
Jerry · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Essy start up process
February 24, 2023
There are times when my wife and i differ on what to watch. I stream movies on some of the more popular spots for Action/Adventure while ...
HarleyRiderRKC · Review provided by samsung.com
This product does have great features.
May 01, 2023
My tablet Copies what I have on my phone. So anything I can do on my phone, I can do on my tablet. Love the bigger screen when I do zoom ...
Rosy55 · Review provided by samsung.com
Better than an iPad
November 18, 2022
I chose this rather than buy a new outrageously priced iPad and am happy I did. I use it for email, Facebook, reading Kindle books, video...
cloudyday · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Expectations Ezceeded
March 13, 2023
I have to say I am a Samsung product connoisseur and loyal for great reason. Whether its a Tablet or phone which I have had both for year...
Jddh2019 · Review provided by samsung.com
Better than the Tab A
March 13, 2023
I use my A8 for light gaming, scheduling, and communication. I can sync up with my Galaxy phone, and answer calls and texts on my Tab A8 ...
Kode46 · Review provided by samsung.com
Good product, good serve from JL
April 05, 2023
I have now owned my Galaxy Tab A8 for just over a month. It does what I want of a tablet - news, web surfing, emails and a few very basic...
Andy C · Review provided by johnlewis.com
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