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Great product for reasonably priced home computer.
May 30, 2022
I don't usually take the time to leave reviews, but am so pleased with this computer, that decided to do so. PROS: 1. Easy learning curve...
GHI · Review provided by walmart.com
Great Starter or Basic Needs
August 17, 2020
I believe this is a great computer for someone with basic needs (young student/adult non-gamer). It looks very sleek and will fit in with...
Honeydip74 · Review provided by walmart.com
Gets the job done
December 21, 2021
I use this computer strictly for school and Cricut stuff. Both those things don’t really require much memory, so if that’s what you’re lo...
Andie · Review provided by walmart.com
Nice PC for the Entire Family
October 16, 2020
Having a family that is participating in more virtual meetings, we needed a home computer with a camera, microphone, and an optical drive...
BethA48 · Review provided by walmart.com
Better than a laptop
August 15, 2020
I received this HP 22 All in One Computer under the Walmart Spark Program because I am a literate person who writes interesting and compe...
microlloyd · Review provided by walmart.com
Good-at this price.
August 20, 2020
Let's face it, this is an economy PC or a 'starter'. The mouse & keyboard are wired & do not have a nice 'feel'. The screen is the best t...
BUMMERS · Review provided by walmart.com
Nice! Perfect for light use.
May 09, 2021
Nice computer. Quick set up. Runs faster than I had expected. I use my own wireless keyboard and mouse with this and it works just fine. ...
UnbiasedDudeReview · Review provided by walmart.com
Aside from a Few Glitches and MS365, Good Computer
October 28, 2020
Great computer. Had some minor glitches on day one. Had to unzip a file twice so I could access what was inside of it, and when closing a...
Jimmy · Review provided by walmart.com
HP 22-df0003w
August 15, 2020
This is a very nice and sleek looking pc that should handle any basic computer needs. Setup was very easy and took about 10 minutes befor...
scott · Review provided by walmart.com
Good basic space-saving desktop computer.
August 13, 2020
The best features about this AIO are: easy set up, runs very fast (considering it has a dual-core processor), compact design with a nearl...
bethy · Review provided by walmart.com
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