Amazing Sony 4kTV for Gaming/Movies/Sports & More!
September 16, 2022
I’m a lifelong gamer, and was specifically looking for a 4k TV that would take full advantage of my new game consoles. I got this 50” Son...
AverageTechGuy76 · Review provided by
Significant improvements
August 13, 2022
I bought this X90J to replace my XH92, which I'd only purchased in late 2020, and which was damaged by a house guest (!) This much shorte...
AreDeePee · Review provided by
Everybody complaining about picture quality have NOT messed with the TV settings.
March 26, 2022
This TV is absolutely beautiful. Some of these complaints are very nit-picky. It sure beats the hell out of my 7 year old Viore I got on ...
Infktious Venom (Chubbz) · Review provided by Google
Excellent mid-range television from Sony
March 20, 2022
Following the unexpected demise of my previous 40" LED television from another well-known manufacturer, I had to quickly do research for ...
Scrubbies74 · Review provided by
One of the best FALD sets
March 19, 2022
I'd not made my mind up between this set and the QN84 and after talking to the store I arranged to pop in and see for myself. I'm really ...
AlexJamie · Review provided by
Another excellent Sony TV!
May 25, 2021
After a series of excellent upper-mid-range LCD TVs over the last few years, I was very excited to see what Sony would deliver in 2021. L...
Molhoy · Review provided by
Looks good. Works well. Set up takes a while.
April 08, 2022
We bought this TV to replace another Sony Bravia. The set up was easy, but time consuming. It's basically "plug and play" but like most n...
Groucho · Review provided by
Happy I bought a quality TV
February 27, 2022
Normally I try to get a lot of bang for buck but I weigh the buck more. This TV has so much bang that it was a pleasure to purchase. Havi...
TonyMe · Review provided by
The X90J is one update away from a must have
September 19, 2021
Sony proves once again why it is still top of the game with its mid-tier offerings. I have owned several Sony displays over the years, bu...
Breakdancefight · Review provided by
What a picture
July 13, 2022
On the negatives: The remote control takes a bit of learning about. The supplied manual is shocking. The online manual is helpful but not...
LFC 22 · Review provided by
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