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Good product but not for all substrates
October 29, 2018
I used this product this weekend to tile shower walls with. I stripped the old down to studs and uses usg durock glass mat tile backer as...
Dave · Review provided by lowes.com
Works great, but
October 30, 2018
We used this product to do a backsplash for the cooktop area and a buffet area. We cut and pressed it onto the wall. Due to the extreme s...
Penman36 · Review provided by lowes.com
Easier than mastic but use carefully.
August 12, 2017
Had never heard of this product before this tile job but since it was a small job- a kitchen splash, thought I would see how well it work...
Mark · Review provided by lowes.com
Works Well But Could Be Better.
April 07, 2015
I'm a little confused. Some reviews mention removing the release paper from both sides. The 2 rolls I recently bought only had release pa...
Argus17 · Review provided by lowes.com
May 31, 2018
We are first time tilers! I was intimidated with thin set and grout and the time it takes. I watch YouTube.. I have seen bad tile jobs. I...
Amber · Review provided by lowes.com
Easy to use.
February 19, 2019
I watched some reviews before a purchased this and was a bit skeptical. I followed the manufacturers directions and found this pretty eas...
Chad · Review provided by lowes.com
different way of using
May 22, 2015
Now I work in flooring at Lowe's but I promise I am not biased. The way I used this was to roll the musselbound out and peel off the top....
augrad98 · Review provided by lowes.com
So simple, once you get the hang of it
March 04, 2017
I love this product. I am doing lots of tile work in my kitchen. I've never done any tile work before but am pretty handy. This stuff is ...
IndyMom · Review provided by lowes.com
Great product
June 03, 2018
Moderately easy to use with patience laying it out. It would have been better is a protection sheet was on both sides. Easy to adjust as ...
Benjamin · Review provided by lowes.com
Back splash mounting
June 06, 2014
This product was easy to use and seems to hold the back splash tiles I have installed in my motor home. Due to the nature of the coach sh...
Chris · Review provided by lowes.com
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