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Really bad connection issues.
July 12, 2022
Where do I even start? I've had broken phones out perform the Note 20 Ultra. I guess lets start with the connection, It can never connect...
Michael Norton · Review provided by Google
Endless features!! and unlimited uses! unless....
October 01, 2021
The Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra without a doubt lives up to it's promises of superiority in the Mobile industry. When compared to it's c...
XzmarterzX · Review provided by samsung.com
Note20 Ultra The best & then theres the S21 Ultra
October 01, 2021
I, like many Samsung Note users are a part of a niche group that desire a world connected by one device. The Note20 is the device I love ...
AnchorDog · Review provided by samsung.com
Worst phone of my life. When I got this. I will never recommend Android
December 13, 2022
Worst decision of my life when I got this. I will never recommend Android phone to anyone every shining thing is not a diamond. Don't go ...
Naushaba Khan · Review provided by Google
The ultimate powerhouse phone
October 15, 2021
It's been a year since I was given this phone as a birthday present & I still love it. I was given the option to choose between an iPhone...
Efrain · Review provided by samsung.com
Incredible Phone All-Around
April 14, 2021
By far the best phone I've ever owned. This phone has everything and more. If you have the budget for it, and you either have big hands o...
BestbuyBUYS · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Great....when it works....
July 23, 2022
Great when it works but I am sure I got a lemon. Seven months after I received the phone the entire display died. Was in for a service fo...
NotAtAllHappy · Review provided by samsung.com
Only available Note model in the market.
October 15, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the best smartphone lines since it was started in 2011. Although Samsung pushes Galaxy S lineup more for ge...
frameimagination · Review provided by samsung.com
Great Phone with lots of feature
October 02, 2021
I preordered this phone when it was launched. By far the best phone I've ever owned. This phone has everything and more. If you have the ...
dada · Review provided by samsung.com
The Tech Titan!
October 13, 2021
The cameras, the S-pen, the AMOLED screen quality, the 120 Hz refresh rate, the 5G data connection, the build quality, etc. are all top n...
Abdu · Review provided by samsung.com
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