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Great phone for the price
September 09, 2020
This phone is often mislabeled as 6GB ram. It is 4GB ram. Nonetheless, it is fast and easy to use. The cameras are great and can be set t...
bob smith · Review provided by Google
Good phone, could use a few improvements.
November 07, 2021
Just what I needed. I bought one for my wife a few months before I upgraded my old phone to this one. It has been great so far. The only ...
obsidionknight · Review provided by ebay.com
Super phone, geriatric performance.
October 14, 2020
Got the A51 (128GB/4GB RAM) as a birthday gift & first impressions were really great. Over a few weeks I've come to realise the limitatio...
Gunner · Review provided by samsung.com
Don't Drop It!
May 07, 2022
I enjoyed this phone for about a year...until I dropped it. I had purchased a cheaper but military grade case and screen protector. The d...
Spicey1 · Review provided by straighttalk.com
Better than most
August 19, 2021
I love this phone! I have had a wide range of phones from iPhones to a Galaxy and everything in between, and I much rather have this phon...
Breanna · Review provided by walmart.com
For the money, this is a great phone.
February 24, 2021
The Good: Coming from a Galaxy S5 (a good but old phone) this is an improvement. I like the options and the increased speed over my old p...
skylinker · Review provided by ebay.com
Somewhat satisfied but still not completely trusting it. Because its still the same.
January 06, 2021
So far so good, I had went from android, to iPhone 7 plus, to android, to iPhone XR, back to Android again. The only problems with this p...
Jayy D Kayko · Review provided by Google
Great mid range phone!
January 24, 2021
I've had this phone for a week now. I upgraded from the Galaxy A10E. I was looking at the A21, but mixed reviews led me to this one. I'm ...
Mandi · Review provided by walmart.com
Substantial upgrade from my moto e5
March 28, 2021
I purchased this phone back in February of 2021 as an upgrade to my moto e5. And this phone is quite the upgrade. With the 48 mp main rea...
· Review provided by straighttalk.com
Much improvement from the A10e.
January 24, 2021
I was hesitant to try another Samsung after the A10E was such a colossal disappointment. But the specs were enticing, so I decided to giv...
Matthew Perry · Review provided by Google
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