4 reviews
top basin not totally level but otherwise great!
September 01, 2020
top basin isnt totally level after assembling, but you can hardly tell until it's full with water. this bird bath is lightweight but stur...
TheTsangGang · Review provided by walmart.com
Great birdbath and cat bed
May 10, 2021
Great birdbath with solar pump. However don’t put it together inside the house. My cat so loved sleeping in it I’ve decided to give it to...
Irishdiva · Review provided by walmart.com
Fountain for the birds
April 05, 2021
When you look at the picture you don't notice it's plastic. It puts together easy. Comes with a solar water fountain, except it squits to...
Jeepgirl · Review provided by walmart.com
great addition to my garden!
September 23, 2020
great addition to my garden, allow the battery to charge before expecting it to do anything. it took about 3hrs in full sun to do more th...
Nikki · Review provided by walmart.com
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