29 reviews
Beautiful Fountain
December 15, 2021
This fountain is the loudest desktop fountain i have ever had, and i have been theough a few. It drowns out the noise polution in my offi...
Katie M · Review provided by Bed Bath & Beyond
Very natural looking waterfall.
June 12, 2022
It’s a very nice natural looking water fall. For me, I don’t like a loud dripping waterfall. I don’t want it to sound like someone going ...
Rob · Review provided by Macy's
Great fountain for background noise.
December 03, 2020
I love the gentle water fall noise, the size is very nice, not too small, it looks great. The lights have stopped working, but that is no...
Paul · Review provided by walmart.com
Water Fountain
August 29, 2021
This fountain is amazing! It's very relaxing not loud. I got this in April for my covered patio, I keep it on 24/7 Just have to add water...
Christina · Review provided by walmart.com
Overall: pleased. Just the right size for the top...
July 23, 2019
Overall: pleased. Just the right size for the top of a plant stand in my garden. Had hoped my hummingbirds would use it. May be a little ...
CJDiyer · Review provided by Home Depot
No instructions
July 27, 2019
It would be nice to have instructions. There is an extra cord that I don’t know where it goes. Also the bottom bowl is not filling with w...
everythingwastaken2 · Review provided by Kohl's
The table top water fountain/waterfall
September 18, 2018
I surrounded this fountain/waterfall with plants and it creates such a peaceful atmosphere during the day a well as the evening. I would ...
webuser_145858353 · Review provided by houzz.com
March 23, 2019
I received this fountain and followed the included vague instructions and water just leaks out of the bottom of the fountain. It’s also v...
Melissa · Review provided by Kohl's
Nice little waterfall for my back porch
May 23, 2019
Great water feature for my back porch. It makes a nice trickling sound and works like a charm. Extremely easy to put together, I didn’t...
SuzyQ · Review provided by walmart.com
April 14, 2021
Came so promptly and in perfect condition! This is for our aviary with twelve lively birds. It looks like it will be very simple to assem...
Sister · Review provided by walmart.com
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