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Energy drinks
August 26, 2022
They taste fairly well and I appreciate how they don’t taste too sweet. Some of the flavors taste the same and are hard to differentiate ...
Elle H. · Review provided by alaninu.com
Horrible Alani flavor
August 31, 2022
I love Alanis but this is literally the most disgusting flavor they have ever made. Do not purchase unless you like extremely bitter chem...
Sarah · Review provided by Target
Blue slush is my favorite
November 19, 2022
I bought four case when the bogo sale was going on. A savings on my favorite drink I was excited! I open a can and it’s clear, hmm it’s s...
Tracy · Review provided by alaninu.com
Cough Syrup - No go
February 07, 2022
When I say I order a case no matter what of every flavor because I know it will be good, I do. Highly disappointed with this purchase bec...
HayHay · Review provided by alaninu.com
would score a zero if i could
March 07, 2021
I bought this drink thinking it would be a nice natural flavor of watermelon like the hint waters but with more of an energy drink taste,...
Alejandra · Review provided by alaninu.com
bad experience
July 20, 2021
i drank this before my workout. during my workout i started to get blurry vision. i thought i was just dehydrated so i drank water and sa...
· Review provided by alaninu.com
Unpalatable with that artificial sweetener they use!!1
February 10, 2021
my husband bought three cans and didn't read the ingredients cause it looked "natural" but as soon as i tasted it, had to spit it out. Ar...
cathie · Review provided by alaninu.com
Boujee butthole
July 27, 2022
I was completely iffy about purchasing this, but decided to try a newish energy drink. My first thought when I sipped it was this can’t ...
N M · Review provided by Google
I dont get the hype... these are all gross
February 01, 2022
This was the first Alani Nu energy drink I tried and after trying more flavors, I think they are just wayyyy too sweet. I have a huge swe...
anonymous · Review provided by Target
Save your money
February 03, 2022
If I could give 0 stars I would, I thought this flavor was so bad I couldn?t even finish it. For reference, I love breezeberry, witches b...
Elise · Review provided by vitaminshoppe.com
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