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The worst piece of CRAP phone ever
November 28, 2022
This is the worst phone I've ever owned. In fact I'm on the 2nd 1. The 1st 1 only last 2 months it had atonic glitches and didn't functio...
Liz Orosz · Review provided by Google
Unfortunately I Downgraded, old S8 to new A53
May 16, 2022
HOW DOES THIS PHONE HAVE A (4.5 RATING)? SOMETHING BOGUS! Many shortcomings with this phone but here's my main complaints. Camera over...
The Ramblin Georgian · Review provided by Google
Samsung let me down
November 17, 2022
I used to love Samsung. They were my favorite brand. Even their small-sized phones had a decent quality with camera and audio. Now, thei...
Stacy A. · Review provided by Google
Worst phone I've ever used
January 22, 2023
I bought this phone about 6 months ago because my Google Pixel 2 was at the end of its life. I wanted a decent mid tier phone, and I wasn...
Disappointed112 · Review provided by samsung.com
Does everything I need
August 23, 2022
I've always had flagship phones in the past. I had a good think about what I need from a phone and decided that the A53 would do everythi...
siparamedic · Review provided by very.co.uk
Was great until update
December 05, 2022
My phone was great until there was a mandatory update late summer 2022. At that point I could not make or receive texts and make or recei...
Lulu · Review provided by samsung.com
February 16, 2023
This is the worse phone ever. I lost all faith in Samsung. I can not use in my car while driving because I sound robotic to the people on...
Timothy Hensley · Review provided by Google
December 31, 2022
I thght the A53 would be n upgrade but I would go back to my A50 in a heart beat. In ur contacts there use to be the alphabet to click to...
Matt W · Review provided by Google
Worst phone I have ever owned
October 14, 2022
Absolutely the WORST phone I have ever owned and knowing I am going to be stuck with it for another 2-3 years makes me annoyed. Constantl...
Shelz65 · Review provided by vzw.com
February 17, 2023
I give credit where credit is due. On this occasion it isn't. I purchased what was advertised as a new Samsung A33 5g from, what I though...
· Review provided by ao.com
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