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Position it so that they 2 glowing dots are the eyes and the leggy parts are down on the ground. The plastic isn't the bottom like we thought it was at first.
December 26, 2021
We didn't quite understand what would happen at first. I felt like the directions were a bit unclear that it has to be oriented a certain...
Dorothy Belcher · Review provided by Google
Rizmo is pretty darn cool
February 17, 2021
This is the most fun robot toy I’ve ever gotten for my kids. I was worried it wouldn’t work as shown in the adds, etc. and it would end u...
EB431 · Review provided by Target
Great Interactive Toy
January 11, 2022
My 5 and 6 year old daughters have a Rizmo each and they go everywhere with them. They absolutely love them and love taking care or them....
· Review provided by The Entertainer
Such a great concept
November 08, 2019
This is such a good toy for my five-year-old And my three year old. Normally they will play with a toy like this for a couple of minutes ...
· Review provided by us.tomy.com
January 24, 2021
Bought as a gift for my 7 year old daughter for her birthday. She enjoys playing, singing, cuddling and laughing with it. My nearly 11 ye...
Mokai · Review provided by thenile.co.nz
Great interactive toy
November 11, 2019
My little one (5) absolutely loved this toy. It's hatching process takes a couple of days because you have earn points in order for it to...
· Review provided by us.tomy.com
So Fun! A Christmas Must!!
November 02, 2019
Such a super cool and fun toy!! My 3 year old just thinks it the best thing on earth! Usually a toy gets 15 minutes of attention then get...
· Review provided by us.tomy.com
Such a great concept
October 24, 2019
The Rizzo interactive toy compared to other interactive toys that I have bought for my child is one that keeps them busy longer and is su...
· Review provided by us.tomy.com
Very fun! (And cute)!
November 01, 2019
Bought this toy for my daughter's 10th birthday and she loved it. It was fun to see her interact with the toy and get excited as it would...
hockeymomof3 · Review provided by Target
What a fun toy
November 11, 2019
My kids love playing with this and watching it evolve. It's super cute and fuzzy, it makes a bunch of cute noises. It cool that it can re...
· Review provided by us.tomy.com
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