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Liked it but no backsies!
November 14, 2019
There is a lot with this toy. It's super interactive, you play with it and you get points which help Rizmo grow. It starts off as a sort ...
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Lots of Fun
December 06, 2019
Rizmo is a fun toy that offers a variety of ways to play. My six year old daughter loved exploring Rizmo and discovering all the ways it ...
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Great for the kiddos
October 29, 2019
I can see this being a HOT toy for Christmas! I haven't seen anything like this in awhile. Super soft and very cute. I even found myself ...
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Fabalous toy unfortunately scared my godson
February 02, 2022
It is a fab toy unfortunately me not thinking brought it for my godson who has asd and as a asd mum shud of thought about it unfortunatel...
· Review provided by The Entertainer
December 07, 2020
Got this for my son (age 6) for Yule 2019. He loves it so much still. He was able to fully evolve the creature within like an hour which ...
Emery Engle · Review provided by Google
Cute toy
October 28, 2019
This Rizmo toy is pretty cool. My daughter had to play with it for a while before it transformed into full adult mode. It makes lite nois...
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Cute and fun
November 14, 2019
My daughter enjoyed playing with this toy. It did however take a while to get the Rizmo to reveal itself, so for a while it was just a ba...
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Good fun
January 01, 2021
I think I enjoyed more than our 6 year old... It's good fun, good bit of introducing responsibility, whole family got involved to help Ri...
· Review provided by The Entertainer
December 26, 2019
My daughter got this little cute,fun toy for Christmas... it’s interactive it developed and grow some how 🤪my daughter it’s having a lot...
lola.s · Review provided by influenster.com
Great kids toy
March 13, 2021
My granddaughter loves it!! As we're in lockdown I haven't been able to observe what it does etc but my son assures me she adores it.
hadghaze · Review provided by ebay.com
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