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November 03, 2022
This apple 13 totally sucks! I get no service from Verizon. It might as well be a paper wait. I’m so disappointed, I went from a Galaxy n...
judi smith · Review provided by Google
Came from XR, Not happy with the 13
March 07, 2022
My last few iPhones have lasted me a long time, I bought a 13 after almost 4 years with my XR (iPhone 10). With a good amount of time bet...
JMPF · Review provided by vzw.com
Scrap phone, scrap assistance
April 29, 2022
I traded in an iPhone 8 that was exactly identical about software , layout, and defects. Still too small and inaccurate the keyboards an...
Maurizio Ricci · Review provided by Google
Worst Phone I've Ever Owned
March 12, 2023
This is literally the worst phone I have ever owned. It constantly pocket dials 911 since a recent update. The accidental touch protectio...
Samsungblows · Review provided by att.com
Screw Apple
March 21, 2022
Negative stars!!!! This phone is made for those who want to conform and have zero control. My volume and ear health is my business! Ya y...
Sarah-Christian Fraser · Review provided by Google
Worst iPhone i've ever owned.
October 13, 2021
This has been my unfortunate experience with iPhone 13. It was a maddening three weeks. The good Excellent battery life. I could go 3 day...
AppleFan · Review provided by vzw.com
Disappointed - blue, 512GB
February 26, 2023
It's like the other review said, won't do it again. I returned my purchase the very next day. The generic description that it's in excell...
Angela · Review provided by walmart.com
Disappointment all around. Slow service, and huge lenses sticking out
September 05, 2022
The 5g service is very disappointing. More to the point, I rarely get 5g, much less the 5G ultra service. Often I am on the 4G LTE servic...
BtePitt · Review provided by vzw.com
November 16, 2021
iPhone 13 is the worst phone I ever had by far. Returned after one day of non-stop issues: Phone drops off of WiFi if it's more than 20ft...
Doug H · Review provided by att.com
Do not recommend
February 12, 2022
Very unhappy with the quirks of this phone, and my 8 plus has none of these issues. When I use it as a hotspot it keeps beeping and kicki...
cupcake · Review provided by vzw.com
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