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fancy marketing with cheap implementation
April 06, 2022
Smokeless is hardly the word I would use to describe this. Out of the box, one leg would not open. One of the legs was so hard to operate...
holly · Review provided by REI
Great idea- cheap execution
May 30, 2021
This is a beautifully designed, minimalist little camp stove thay my boyfriend bought for us to use. He read all the instructions, put it...
· Review provided by REI
great while it works
October 21, 2022
This smokefree fire pit is amazing and living out west makes a fire pit safer with less fly away embers. that is while it works after jus...
· Review provided by REI
Great Idea but Poorly Supported by Biolite
March 20, 2021
We bought our fire pit about a year ago and have used it a half-dozen or so times. It's fan produces a constant 'whirring' sound that inc...
Sad in Southern Nevada · Review provided by bioliteenergy.com
Stopped working after less than five uses
December 14, 2022
SAVE YOUR MONEY! The batteries made by biolite are total crap. I've bought the fire pit, a sunlight lamp, several headlamps, and other li...
Quincy · Review provided by bioliteenergy.com
Had typical battery issue on my last fire pit sooo
March 24, 2022
Had the older fire pit with the 10500 mAh battery that every only else seems to have an issue with. I only used my fire pit a dozen times...
· Review provided by bioliteenergy.com
Great Idea Executed Badly
October 04, 2022
I have had THREE of these now. I want it to work so bad that I'm contemplating getting another. BUT the truth is the port to charge it is...
jules · Review provided by bioliteenergy.com
Sadly disappointed...We did not even get to use it
April 01, 2021
We reallllly wanted this fire pit... We wanted it so badly that we tried three times to get the fire pit+, but every time we got one it h...
Anonymous · Review provided by REI
It is a 300 dollar rusting paper weight
July 10, 2021
I bought mine about 4 months ago. Initially I was pretty excited. The fan really does make the fire more intense at the flip of a switch....
A-red · Review provided by bioliteenergy.com
Rusty rusty rusty
March 31, 2021
Happily backed the fire pit on Kickstarter. Took a few years before I was able to use it (no backyard until recently and no trips where i...
Rust box! · Review provided by bioliteenergy.com
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