53 reviews
June 03, 2022
The Platinum Preppy is a very good fountain pen particularly for everyday use at school. Its able to be used on basically every paper wit...
Adrian T. · Review provided by bunbougu.com.au
Yet another love to hate affair
November 02, 2020
This is indeed an interesting pen. So low in cost little thought need be given as to whether or not to just leave it unattended on your d...
Larry R. · Review provided by andersonpens.com
August 04, 2022
I absolutely love these Preppy fountain pens. Great quality for the price and the ink cartridges don’t bleed through on all the notebooks...
Nicole T. · Review provided by bunbougu.com.au
October 01, 2022
This is my everyday writer now. With the right ink it performs perfectly and I don't have to be too worried bout if being lost or damage ...
Franck A. · Review provided by bunbougu.com.au
December 09, 2021
I have just started using my 03 Fine Nib Pen, and as this is a 50 Year Diary i hope the smoothies is good enough, the next week or so wil...
Geoff` Q. · Review provided by bunbougu.com.au
July 12, 2021
For your first step into the world of fountain pens. The ink cartridge is easy to install, the plastic barrel is light weight and easy to...
Nicole D. · Review provided by bunbougu.com.au
They are good for quick disposable pens.
January 01, 2020
These pens are not bad writers but the quality is very poor they are prone to splitting at the joints. The plastic tends to break easily ...
malharr60 · Review provided by ebay.com
January 05, 2022
Fabulous pen writes so smoothly and no bleed through in my Hobonichi planner, will certainly purchase more colours. Also great price.
Kay M. · Review provided by bunbougu.com.au
Very smooth writing for a
May 08, 2019
Very smooth writing for a fine nib. Writes first time every time. It has a stylish and youthful design. What's there not to like. The wri...
Mark F. · Review provided by bunbougu.com.au
The Platinum preppy is a
June 23, 2019
The Platinum preppy is a great beginner fountain pen. It writes smoothly and effortlessly as the nib is great. Either use new cartridges,...
Kris V. · Review provided by bunbougu.com.au
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