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Amazing bang for your buck, but has monitor issues
November 07, 2021
It’s hard to get a 5-star rating unless the product is perfect, but this comes pretty close. For the price you pay, you get a ton of tech...
Somemakguy · Review provided by lenovo.com
Great value; minor shortcomings
December 17, 2021
On the whole, this is a pretty amazing value in a tablet. You get the tablet itself, a keyboard, and a magnetic case the sticks to the ba...
Michael4 · Review provided by lenovo.com
Pretty good
September 26, 2021
On the whole I am happy with the combination of a tablet and a keyboard. The hardware is excellent. It is extremely easy to attach and de...
dsm555 · Review provided by lenovo.com
A near perfect companion computer
December 27, 2020
This is a wonderful little device. Wish there were more products out there with build, screen and performance at this level of quality fo...
111D · Review provided by lenovo.com
Great value but I returned it
November 01, 2021
This Duet is a great deal...for what it is. The huge advantage is an easily removable keyboard that works well. Sure, as other reviewers ...
Paul · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
Very Nice!
September 05, 2021
I've been using one for around 6 months as a daily use machine away from home. My windows device died, and this was the "fill in machine"...
· Review provided by lenovo.com
Very Versatile
May 05, 2022
I have had this Lenovo for over a year. I like most of it. I like the design, I like the detachable keyboard. I like that when I want a t...
Lo Ro · Review provided by lenovo.com
Great Tablet Overall! 9.9/10
December 16, 2021
This tablet is very useful and great so far! The only reason why this is 4 out of 5 is the missing headphone jack. It's not a important f...
· Review provided by lenovo.com
Good for General use... low for heavy lifting
August 05, 2021
I picked this up as a secondary computer and for that it has been great. The portability over my big 17" primary laptop is huge. The Duet...
Paul 57684 · Review provided by lenovo.com
Something different for work
October 28, 2021
I bought this Chromebook after looking at purchasing a tablet for when I am in in-person meetings at work. I support people who are using...
· Review provided by lenovo.com
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