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Not even worth it
December 23, 2021
I've been using, or I should say fighting with, this Chromebook for almost 6 months now. Looking at the other reviews, perhaps I got a le...
PacNW49er · Review provided by Best Buy
Front and back cameras are not working
February 25, 2022
Here is my story. 1. Product has been delivered 10 days later than planned initially, but I understand logistic problem nowadays. 2. I ...
goosseynoff · Review provided by lenovo.com
Chrome OS Low-Power Charger on 4 Different Units!
December 07, 2021
I have owned numerous Lenovo products from the ThinkPad Series, the Chromebook Duet(Original) and the Yoga Book (with the flat keyboard/i...
LeNvThnkPd · Review provided by lenovo.com
Don't believe the glowing reviews...
December 12, 2021
Reviews seem fake to me. I bought this thinking all the things I'd read online were accurate. I could not have been more wrong. The first...
· Review provided by Best Buy
Wifi Connection Issues
December 04, 2020
I have set my focus on detachable chromebook before purchase, but unfortunately, not too many options out there, and of those that are av...
Zeomax · Review provided by Best Buy
Not a good experience.
January 21, 2022
Nice build quality, but had two significant problems: #1 I have owned several Chromebooks and Chromeboxes since they were first introduc...
AlanNM · Review provided by lenovo.com
Worst tablet ever
November 30, 2021
This is the first tablet that I've actually spent some money on, and it's by far the worst. When I stream any video, it freezes one image...
PiggyOinks · Review provided by Best Buy
Google Play Store is A Dud
October 24, 2020
I was excited about the Chromebook Duet even before it came out and had every intention to pre-order it, but I know that the first batch ...
Hunter · Review provided by Best Buy
Hinge slowly causing a crack under light usage
June 13, 2022
I bought my Lenovo Chromebook less than 7 months ago. Guess what? The right hinge is failing. Unfortunately, I failed to do adequate rese...
Hank07 · Review provided by lenovo.com
Many Reported problems with Active Pen Support
March 29, 2021
I actually quite like this product so far. I am literally only writing a poor review so that I can draw attention towards an issue with a...
Lanz · Review provided by lenovo.com
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