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Great Card!
February 11, 2022
I cant recommend it enough! I got that card as a replacement of MSI RTX2060 which was still flying in 1080p I have to give it that. but O...
· Review provided by overclockers.co.uk
July 21, 2022
As a Blender user I got this because the 3060 has 12 gigs of VRAM, which may not be much of a sales point for gamers but it is definitely...
MattT69 · Review provided by pbtech.co.nz
Amazing card overall!
February 07, 2022
Although hard to get, the RTX line of GPU's is very worth it. I think the price of this card is a little too much, but the performance is...
Joseph · Review provided by bestbuy.com
December 08, 2022
Hurry and grab yours before Nvidia try to push at buying the 'new' 8gb version. Same price, worse performance. This thing on the other ha...
BrandonL26 · Review provided by pbtech.co.nz
I have wanted this for so long
March 05, 2022
I wanted this card when it first came out, but of course everything going on made it hard to actually obtain a new 30 series card. After ...
Ethan S · Review provided by microcenter.com
Happy with this GPU
June 22, 2022
I purchased this GPU a few months ago, when there was still a shortage out there. I realise that the price is higher than it should be. B...
not bob27 · Review provided by scan.co.uk
It's amazing 👍😍
April 07, 2022
I liked the most cooling after throttling maximum. And the performance was unbelievable. I never used this type of card before. I have re...
Faheem kothat · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
upgrade from 2060
July 08, 2021
No noticeable difference but I only play an older game. I don't play much either. It actually does paging more frequently than the 2060, ...
Anonymous · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
December 01, 2022
Needed a budget card for AI image generation. This runs great with Stable Diffusion straight out of the box, and reduced image generation...
DrRomz · Review provided by umart.com.au
Great mid-tier graphics card for those that don't want to pay insane prices...=
July 08, 2021
As a lot of people know, graphics card prices are not only inflated but card are hard to find. These things are as rare as hen's teeth. H...
trparky · Review provided by microcenter.com
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