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Overall Solid Choice
December 13, 2022
While no phone in this price range is perfect this phone has some solid features. I love the huge amount of memory that it came with but ...
Gary34231 · Review provided by motorola.com
It works on Visible $30 plan and so far I'm happy.
December 07, 2022
Was able to activate this phone on my current Visible Plan to satisfy their changes with their new service plans. Upgrading from a 2.5 ye...
RobT · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Very nice phone/camera & price
February 18, 2023
It's all relative to what type of phone one is coming from to get here. My job needs sped up an already increasing need to move on from m...
Thetruth · Review provided by bestbuy.com
MUCH storage and fast performance...but...
August 12, 2022
This is my first 5G phone and frankly did not want it for 5G but the included MEMORY of 256gb internal and included a 256gb SD is what ca...
· Review provided by motorola.com
Great Phone for the price.
January 20, 2023
Received this a week ago and have been dealing with it. So far so good. One thing I noticed is that this Moto device is more-aligned with...
DMKBoston · Review provided by bestbuy.com
It works
September 16, 2022
I was replacing my Motorola Z3 phone as the caller or I could not hear one another, so I thought the speaker was going bad. Not good when...
Ombra · Review provided by motorola.com
Overall Pretty Good
December 11, 2022
I bought this about a month ago. After making sure it was up to date, I have been using it every day just on wifi with a little data here...
unknown · Review provided by motorola.com
It's A Very Good Smartphone But One Thing
October 16, 2021
I bought this smartphone a month ago straight from Motorola since my cellphone carrier didn't offer it and it arrived pretty quickly. I'v...
Mosschop · Review provided by motorola.com
A near-perfect phone for me
December 06, 2022
This is the type of smartphone that I needed. I purchased the Moto G power (2022) thinking this was a phone I could use for a while. But ...
startech · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Fast big easy to use with some some minor annoyances
November 07, 2022
Purchased from best buy on sale recently. Pros: Sharp screen ( not fuzzy like samsung) Screen seems easier to clean than samsung. Very f...
Ryan Sheridan · Review provided by Google
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