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Disgusted. Bring back 2020 Stylus and add 5G.
July 10, 2022
I had the first G stylus for my kiddo and I loved it myself. So I got the Stylus 5G when it was time to "upgrade" my G Power. I was think...
KR S · Review provided by Google
Don't buy this phone
December 29, 2022
I recently switched from Samsung to the Motorola Moto g stylus (2022) due to not being happy with Samsung. Big mistake. This new phone ha...
Timothy Osborn · Review provided by Google
Terrible camera and photo quality. 5G a plus.
November 11, 2021
THE CAMERA AND CAMERA SYSTEM IS AWFUL! If you're buying this phone and expect a good camera, move on! For a phone that's 5G sold in 2021,...
Jeramy · Review provided by walmart.com
New fav now has become trash sadly because it is a pretty decent phone
July 12, 2022
Overall this phone is pretty cool with thumbprint, gestures, and accessibility features, not to mention memory expansion capabilities. O...
Laura Hansen · Review provided by Google
April 03, 2022
I got this motog stylus 5 2022 less than a month ago hoping it has better features than my motog 5 plus that I had since 2018. To my disa...
Nilene · Review provided by motorola.com
It's an inferior product sold and marketed as superior. Go figure
November 27, 2022
My problem mainly stems with android 12 and 13, it feels slower than my old phone, and has that forced "update" feel. It wasn't broken be...
HBTB2750 Stonewell · Review provided by Google
February 03, 2023
I tried to like it...I love Motorola just not this one. I love that they are easy to use, I don't need a fullblown computer at my finger...
Kim Diehl · Review provided by Google
November 13, 2022
Worst moto product I have owned. It continually disconnects me while using programs. Then can't let me sign back into them. I can't contr...
Lorelei Heric · Review provided by Google
Drops calls as walk outside door of house.
July 17, 2022
I tried all hints on Google FI web. I did not get live support. Call hang up when walking. Low cellular power from cell provider, Google ...
Marian1 · Review provided by motorola.com
March 03, 2023
I love the battery, but often have problems with connectivity. The phone will often not allow phone calls until I've called the same numb...
Charles Wall · Review provided by Google
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