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Window looks pretty, but leaks water.
May 31, 2021
After looking for a new above ground pool for almost a year we were excited to finally snag one of these at a nearby Target. Pool went up...
Yeti · Review provided by Target
Don’t be fooled
April 01, 2021
When reading the product description it states it comes with a 48” pool wall ladder. Leading you to believe the pool is 48” deep. It’s a ...
Anna · Review provided by walmart.com
Not that thrilled.
July 07, 2021
My pool sprung a leak before it was even completely filled. I patched it, but it's frustrating for the money I spend to have a hole start...
Jay · Review provided by walmart.com
May 17, 2021
I had this pool for not even a whole summer and it was great. Set the pool up last summer and discovered a hole. Patched it and was able ...
Marissa · Review provided by discovermystore.com
May 19, 2018
Don’t buy Intex pools. You can only use Intex equipment and add-ons (which there is almost none). They come with a pump that couldn’t fil...
Don E. · Review provided by discovermystore.com
Damaged box upon delivery
March 23, 2022
Just received the pool I ordered and the box is all damaged. As it is March and I live in New England I wont be unboxing the pool for a f...
MrsD · Review provided by walmart.com
May 12, 2021
Took pool out of box, hole in the bottom. Repaired it. Difficult to put up, but finally got it. Started filling, everything going good un...
Gigi · Review provided by Target
Leaky Seams
June 02, 2017
Set up is estimated to be 30-60 min (not including filling) which is pretty accurate. The instructions are good, and the process really i...
FarmerBear · Review provided by walmart.com
May 21, 2021
Within a couple weeks of install grass began to pop up through the bottom of the liner. It seems the liner is not as sturdy as we had hop...
· Review provided by discovermystore.com
July 10, 2018
Loved the pool. Great size, fairly simple setup. BUT didn’t last even 2 weeks. Developed a hole on the seam and woke up the next day to t...
Anonymous b. · Review provided by discovermystore.com
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