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Love Otterbox!
July 16, 2021
This Otterbox was easy to assemble, especially with the instructions that came with it. I have had my phone slip and fall to the floor, p...
· Review provided by OtterBox
Love my Otterbox
February 06, 2021
I had gotten new phone -new to me but not the current model. The stores had NONE for this phone. I purchase another from BEST BUY but it ...
karen33 · Review provided by OtterBox
Second time purchase
July 03, 2020
I purchased our otterbox phone cases for our phones probably 5 yrs ago and my husband lost his phone in the snow in the winter which got ...
Chris · Review provided by OtterBox
Best Product Ever
February 26, 2021
I'm a firm believer in the Otter Boxes. This is the 3rd one I've purchased (due to the fact that I've up graded my phones) over the years...
Elizabeth54 · Review provided by OtterBox
Unique color!
July 03, 2020
I was so thrilled to see that Otterbox was carrying a phone case in a unique color that I love called "Mint Way". I have always liked thi...
DianeDawn · Review provided by OtterBox
Lightweight and Reliable
May 20, 2021
This is not my first Otterbox and so it was my first choice to a get one when I got a new phone. It was a hard choice to select one but w...
anitall · Review provided by OtterBox
Secure and Durable
October 06, 2021
I bought two other cases for my Galaxy. One was clunky and the other falling apart. This Commuter case fits perfectly and is secure in my...
WaterKnytter · Review provided by OtterBox
Always Protected With Otter
November 30, 2020
I always trust my phone in an otter case. I have dropsy some times. My last phone was in an Otter when it was run over, not one but twice...
Redeye69 · Review provided by OtterBox
Great case but wish it had port covers
March 30, 2021
About 2 weeks with it, i like it but i had to buy a 10 pack of port covers because this case doesnt have them. They're great for keeping ...
Gordon2469 · Review provided by OtterBox
Always a great purchase. 2nd for my phone
June 04, 2021
Having an OTTER Protector on my phone once again is total relief Tried others. Still cracked a screen Back to the Ultimate screen protect...
GoldenYearsTraveller · Review provided by OtterBox
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