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VERY POOR QUALITY stainless and painted base plate
October 13, 2021
This is an decent grill, HOWEVER the quality of all the "stainless steel" side shelves and the front knob panel are very rusty. I have tr...
Rusty Spirit Grill · Review provided by weber.com
Poor customer service
March 08, 2022
Bought this grill less than 2 years ago and parts are rusting. I have reached out to customer service via email and every time they respo...
Rpenaz09 · Review provided by weber.com
Red tape completely ruins the experience.
May 31, 2021
The grill works well but the red tape involved in registering and getting any useful help is nightmarish. I bought a Spirit E-310 from my...
flagmichael · Review provided by weber.com
June 27, 2022
Purchased this grill from Lowes along with the cover for this particular model. At the 2 year mark the bottom half of the grill started t...
Engine173 · Review provided by weber.com
Grills fine but base will rust before the firebox
July 31, 2022
My first Weber that I bought for the long haul, but after a few years rust started showing up on the bottom. I should have contacted Cust...
PhillyBrian · Review provided by weber.com
Won't Get Hot in Colder Weather
March 04, 2021
I've had this grill for several years. When it works, it's great. It gets hot quickly, and I love the cast iron grill grates. However, wh...
Leedo · Review provided by weber.com
very disappointed with this grill
March 28, 2021
"You get what you pay for" and that's why we bought a Weber grill. Great reviews and lots of family and friends who own Weber grills. I c...
Chef Chris · Review provided by weber.com
New Crossover Burner Tube after less than 2 years
April 10, 2021
Not even 2 years old and suddenly Burner #2 and 3 are not lighting. Apparently it's the crossover burner tube that needs replacing which ...
Jmchale · Review provided by weber.com
August 05, 2021
I have a 4 year old Spirit E-310 that has all the stainless steel side tables and console rust. I called Weber and they said warranty for...
Chinaski · Review provided by weber.com
Rust killed grill in 3 years
June 17, 2019
I need to start to say that my love of Weber all started helping my father use his charcoal Weber grill. As a kids I was amazed at how go...
D.R. · Review provided by weber.com
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