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Whoever made this phone should be killed in a gruesome way. Fuck them.
February 10, 2023
recommended this for my dad to use while I was fixing his S8. The photos and videos are grainy enough to be choked on like a dry granola ...
Quinn Covey · Review provided by Google
For a prepay, this is pretty darned good!
August 23, 2022
First of all, bear in mind that I ALSO have a Samsung S22...and this actually compares QUITE favorably with that "more advanced" model. A...
leopardstripes · Review provided by walmart.com
A great budget phone
August 29, 2022
This phone is powered by 5000 mah battery and android 11. This phone is perfect for those whose needs are limited mostly to phone calls, ...
Adolfo · Review provided by walmart.com
Good starter phone but slow
March 13, 2023
I have purchased this phone as for a backup for my kids for YouTube. This phone is labeled as good starter phone for teens with basic sma...
Ukhurshid · Review provided by samsung.com
nothing working .... not recommedned to buy itt!!!
June 02, 2022
(1) if I receive a call phone starts vibrating fist BUT screen is blank it literally takes a while like 15 seconds to see option to accep...
wellwisher!! · Review provided by samsung.com
The signal tha
March 03, 2023
First off I would like to say that I have been a huge fan and personal user of the Samsung Galaxy series smartphones and tablets for as l...
mralias1469 · Review provided by samsung.com
About A03 & Me (LB)
March 03, 2023
Just this year, I became a Samsung Galaxy owner. Unfortunately, it had been a couple of years snce I had owned one. I am a gamer that tes...
LBeeSmooth · Review provided by samsung.com
WOW! Not worth it!
October 22, 2022
I thought it was only me but I have repeatedly reviewed the settings trying to see why I'm not getting any notifications of text nor vm a...
Queen · Review provided by vzw.com
A03s Vs. Galaxy S5...I'll take the S5
January 17, 2023
I was just recently forced to "upgrade" from my Galaxy S5 that had been working just fine for me for almost 9 years. Just after the first...
Earl · Review provided by vzw.com
Overall a bit disappointing
August 22, 2022
The phone itself has a nice thin and sleek design, and comes with all the features one would expect from a smart phone at a very reasonab...
mcarthurdw · Review provided by walmart.com
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