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Hiccups and Headaches
June 01, 2023
Let's get this out of the way first; the panel itself looks GREAT when you have spent the time setting your profile/settings up. The resp...
Siggurds · Review provided by samsung.com
Passable but Not Amazing with some Flaws.
May 01, 2023
I'm coming up to my 3 year anniversary of having this monitor. In the beginning I had a dual monitor setup with this and some random Dell...
Quasartist · Review provided by bestbuy.com
It was bad.
June 05, 2020
I dont hate it but I expected a lot from this and was slightly disappointed in the end. But maybe it's a buy for you, just read through a...
Anonymous · Review provided by newegg.com
Dead Pixel
August 19, 2022
this is a nice monitor. i bought two of them for two different workstations. however one has a dead pixel which is quite annoying when us...
TucsonJim · Review provided by samsung.com
Just not for me.
February 27, 2022
In the store, I really liked this unit and its sales price. It was going to be big step up from my little 13" laptop screen. I was also h...
UHD4K · Review provided by bestbuy.com
November 10, 2022
The Samsung Quality is clearly present in this Product! The Three Stars or theTwo Star Penalty is for the Best Buy Representatives Guidan...
SECRETAGENT · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Flimsy and poor design for the monitor stand
April 30, 2023
I mounted the monitor to the stand and was skeptical about the quality of the stand, it wasnt leveled and would wobble back and fourth, l...
Dangerous · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Great monitors, small issue though
January 08, 2023
Got two for christmas. They perform great and hooked up to my docking station just fine. However one has started to refuse to display any...
HamsterDans72 · Review provided by samsung.com
Great specs overshadowed by quality control issues
February 07, 2021
this is my 2nd monitor of this type with the first one having major issues with the display. this one still has a major bleeding spot on ...
Ravenblade · Review provided by samsung.com
JOG Button caution ⚠️
September 17, 2021
this is a great monitor for gaming, has its 144hz which is fantastic. i didn't read what it works best with. the worse part is the jog bu...
Chris · Review provided by samsung.com
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