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Let's talk about water-resistance
January 06, 2021
I write with nice pens and ink in two situations: at work and for joy. There are different requirements in the two situations. At work, t...
Murrie · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Atlantis Green 350th Anniversary Ink 50ml
May 10, 2022
Lovely ink - dries quite quickly, doesn't smear or lose its shimmer-bits. Great in Midori MD notebook and even on Lamy notebook paper. As...
Mark D · Review provided by milligram.com
My Green of greens!
December 08, 2021
I’m a long time user of J Herbin ink with fountain and dip pens so the quality is no surprise, but after much searching , I finally found...
Liz · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Okay, but too expensive
June 17, 2022
Interesting color. Changes depending on the light from green to grey green. Not usually a fan of green inks (anymore), but I liked this o...
Anon · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Excellent Ink
October 20, 2020
This ink is a wonderful tribute to the 350th anniversary of J Herbin. It’s a nice deep green with a silvery shimmer, but isn’t very high ...
Kay · Review provided by gouletpens.com
August 27, 2022
This ink is divine! So rich and dark, so smooth, and with the faintest glimmer to it, though not enough to make it informal or childish. ...
Lily D. · Review provided by bunbougu.com.au
Excellent quality ink
March 14, 2023
Great color, flows really well without being too wet but also not too dry. Dries pretty quickly but still slowly enough to leave a great ...
Brian S. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
One of the Best Inks, IMHO
April 14, 2021
Not much to say about this other than it is a great color and very very well behaved. THe shimmer is just perfect, especially in a broad ...
Joe B. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
Great color with beautiful shading
November 01, 2020
Really enjoying this ink. It’s got a cool sparkle to it thanks to the gold & silver mix. Color is a really nice green on the darker side ...
Colin · Review provided by gouletpens.com
What a great color
January 27, 2021
The color value on this ink is phenomenal. I liked it so much I ordered a bottle for my sister. The sheening is very subtle almost too su...
Lisa P. · Review provided by gouletpens.com
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