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Not upgradable and loud whirling fan
March 06, 2021
Picked up this machine when it was on sale for $699 which seemed like an absolute steal. I had it for a few weeks and the fan was so loud...
nyy7000 · Review provided by Best Buy
A Piece of JUNK.
July 09, 2021
For 8 years I had a Dell inspiron model 3847 Desktop and it worked very well. So when it died on me I purchased a Dell model 3788 Desktop...
Napoleon · Review provided by Best Buy
Noisy Computer!!!
January 08, 2021
I just got this one home two days ago, and I'm ready to take it back. The HP that I originally ordered was not available once I arrived t...
Eshe · Review provided by Best Buy
missing a major feature
March 02, 2022
I feel really cheated. At first I was pleased because it was so easy to set up. But, then, I discovered there is no built-in audio. I've ...
Judy · Review provided by officedepot.com
DVD? Nope!
May 01, 2021
Do you see a slot for a DVD writer? I did. The salesman did. Guess what? It is a mirage! There is NO DVD writer or player in this tower! ...
JCinNY · Review provided by Best Buy
Very Slow
March 08, 2022
Bought item o 2/17/22. Did all of the updates. Was online with Dell support from 10:30a-4:30p trying to get everything going the other da...
MaDa · Review provided by officedepot.com
Returned the next day!
October 08, 2021
I've set up quite a few computers in my time and this Dell was the worst. I bought it to replace my older Dell pc and I could not get my ...
Jean · Review provided by Best Buy
Problems with Dell Computer
September 11, 2021
I can't access discs, flash drives, camera downloads, edit photos, While preparing this message, the computer shut-down and I had to do i...
ComputerProblems · Review provided by Best Buy
Poor advice!
March 05, 2021
Bought as an emergency replacement to my old Dell desktop on the advice of a Geek Squad member. Very disappointed in the memory capabilit...
DellDeskTop · Review provided by Best Buy
New Dell - Inspiron 2880 Desktop
December 11, 2020
I was disappointed that this Desktop did not have the DVD included for inserting diskettes. I was told by the salesman that this 2880 Des...
newdesktopcomputer · Review provided by Best Buy
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