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Great keyboard, but has some major flaws
March 04, 2022
Had low expectations since I got this as a "free" add-on when upgrading to the Tab S8. The keyboard feels really nice and has way more tr...
Kyle · Review provided by samsung.com
Good quality and functional, but unwieldy
May 05, 2022
the material feels nice, the case is overall fairly thin, and the magnets hold on well enough. simple, minimalist and functional. the pro...
Panda · Review provided by samsung.com
Pleasant texture, unreadable text.
September 06, 2022
i use my tablet for taking notes and for writing and drawing annotations on pdfs. good things: the writing feel is terrific and the textu...
Hyun · Review provided by samsung.com
Good enough, but with some shortcomings
May 13, 2022
first off, don't store the s pen on the back of the tablet, this cover doesn't have any protection for that area so it can get knocked of...
Kevin · Review provided by samsung.com
Great pen, but please any color but black
June 05, 2022
i've had my tab s8 and pen for 8 weeks and i love this pen but i’ve already lost the pen 3 times, once for 3 days. small parts, especiall...
Kitsap Consumer · Review provided by samsung.com
Keyboard incompatible with Tab S8
March 01, 2022
the quality of the cover itself is good. it's well magnetized, and holds everything together, but the function key row (along with the es...
Aravind · Review provided by samsung.com
Ok but could be improved
April 19, 2022
i like that it protects the corners and sides, samsung should have done that with all the cases, but it should have a cutout for the spen...
Sanjay · Review provided by samsung.com
Falls apart, no backlight
January 25, 2021
the typing response is excellent and the ability to start dex with a dedicated key or when attaching the tablet is nice. that is where th...
sparklez · Review provided by samsung.com
Great capabilities, but where is the button?
April 04, 2022
i love using my s pen most of the time to keep my greasy fingers of the screen. it works well and i hear that palm rejection has been imp...
KEITH · Review provided by samsung.com
Premium Cover with a Couple Shortcommings
October 29, 2021
samsung covers are often underrated in terms of quality, durability, resistance to grime/fingerprints, and features like auto-on/off. but...
Mike G · Review provided by samsung.com
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