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GREAT GAME for a unbeatable Price
November 29, 2018
This game is so much fun. While it isn't groundbreaking in its form like Battlefield 1 was, it is def better than Battlefield 1 in many w...
sinjamshe-0 · Review provided by ebay.com
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (XBOX 360)
January 21, 2017
Got this for son for xmas. I can't say much as to the actual game play, as I haven't yet sat and actually watched him play yet, but he se...
smurfetgrl · Review provided by ebay.com
Just frustrating
February 04, 2014
I have had a rough time with Battlefield 4 having purchased it at launch. Since then I have run into numerous bugs and annoyances that pr...
Nathan · Review provided by https://www.mightyape.co.nz
Amazingly Realistic
December 09, 2013
Battlefield 3 is an amazing game for anyone who is into FPS games. The campaign has an amazing storyline that is very interesting and con...
Nathan · Review provided by https://www.mightyape.co.nz
February 08, 2014
What fails to be clear upon purchase is that as great as this game may be - you cannot install it on a 4GB XBOX. The game sees the 4GB as...
Mackjan · Review provided by walmart.com
Battlefield 3 was meant to just be a multiplayer game.
June 04, 2012
A beautiful game to play, and easy to have fun online with friends. You will need an online pass in order to play this game, maybe cheape...
roseemblem · Review provided by ebay.com
Totally Surprised
December 26, 2019
I was tired of playing the campaigns of my library of xBox 360 games. I was looking for a xBox 360 Game I had never experienced. Did some...
spingali · Review provided by ebay.com
A breath of fresh air in a market dominated by Call of Duty...
March 10, 2012
If you are a fan of Call of Duty, or if you felt letdown by previous Battlefield installments, you owe it to yourself to give Battlefield...
snakepaws · Review provided by ebay.com
The Ultimate Online Experience
January 22, 2011
A revolution in online warfare, an audiovisual masterpiece. The development team behind the game, named DICE, promised a game that was un...
· Review provided by www.zavvi.com
Awesome, a must buy for any FPS fan!
May 03, 2011
Truely one of the best FPS's out there, this game is so huge that i'll have to split up this review into two pieces... Single Player and ...
Jackson · Review provided by https://www.mightyape.co.nz
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