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Apple MacBook Air M1 Chip 2020
March 20, 2022
If you want to experience significant upgrades in an apple computer, then the MacBook Air with the M1 chip is definitely the one to buy. ...
R. RIgsby · Review provided by Google
One of the best Laptops/Macbooks I've ever used.
October 22, 2021
I'm usually a decent fan of Apple products being a PC user myself. I decided to switch from PC to Apple for my next work laptop and I dec...
Carlten · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
An amazing little MacBook
July 16, 2022
Bought this about two weeks ago, after pondering the decision for a very long time. It’s definitely worth it! My previous machine was a M...
Charlie · Review provided by very.co.uk
January 09, 2022
* The keyboard I like, preferring it to my 2015 MBP keyboard and the extended magic keyboard I have with my iMac. It's not a classic Thin...
YJ · Review provided by johnlewis.com
Classy fast, reliable, innovative technology - with some (minor) quibbles
October 27, 2021
Great tech. This machine is VERY fast. Even completely stock, off-the-shelf, Apple's innovative M1 chip copes effortlessly with quite hea...
bigcigar54 · Review provided by ebay.com
It really is true...
January 21, 2022
I have seen many reviews, including video reviews of the MacBook Air with the M1 chip and how fast it was. It really is true - seamless w...
Flicker2022 · Review provided by johnlewis.com
April 06, 2022
I'm amazed at what this small laptop can do, I primarily bought this as my iPad Pro was struggling a little with my music production, so ...
· Review provided by ao.com
May 28, 2022
I’ve had this laptop for about a year now and I couldn’t possibly love it more! At first it felt so tiny and that it might be too sma...
sarah.m · Review provided by influenster.com
Why did I not get one sooner?
February 03, 2022
Bought this recently to replace my Microsoft Surface. I did consider it way back then but was taken by the neatness of the Surface as sma...
SGardiner · Review provided by johnlewis.com
September 22, 2021
To start off this review on a short simple note, full disclosure, I brought this thing to it's knees and made it cry like a little baby, ...
tylie.g · Review provided by influenster.com
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