17 reviews
Highly reccomened
July 29, 2022
Omgosh....the ribbon holders are the BEST. I took a drawer full of ribbon and organized it into 4 organizers, staked them on the dresser ...
Jane · Review provided by joann.com
Love my ribbon storage dispenser!
August 07, 2022
Great storage for my ribbon. After my original purchase I bought another one. Makes it easier to store as well as easy to use the ribbon ...
Tess · Review provided by joann.com
Love these!
November 10, 2021
These are great! I have 4 so far and they work great to hold all ribbons in place, dispense, and they’re clear so you can see what you ha...
thecraftygirlmom · Review provided by joann.com
Love the ribbon holders. Have beenhelpfull an the
July 29, 2022
Love these. Sturdy, stackable and easy to use. Holds a lot of ribbons.
Darlene · Review provided by joann.com
Deflecto ribbon dispenser
July 15, 2022
Great product. My only criticism is that it doesn’t come as a set with the stackable handle
· Review provided by joann.com
Ribbon storage
March 17, 2021
Another great product from Deflecto. Everything you need for crafting kept in one place and on wheels, check out there products, you won’...
Karin H. · Review provided by craftstash.co.uk
Ribbon Wrangler
January 26, 2020
Very nice organizational container for ribbon. Stacks nicely, ribbon can be seen, and works as a dispenser. Love it! Wish there was one f...
· Review provided by joann.com
Love it!
July 30, 2022
Very easy to put ribbon in Enough room for 10 rolls of ribbon Love it!
Margie Z · Review provided by joann.com
February 23, 2021
love it, sorts my ribbon and keeps them clean
Vicki G. · Review provided by megaofficesupplies.com.au
Exactly what I needed
March 28, 2020
Perfect, 3 of them fit on a shelf in my work box 2.0
TX transplant · Review provided by joann.com
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