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Great Features!
July 12, 2021
This tablet has a lot of great features designed just for kids! My son had been wanting his own tablet for a while, but I don't trust tha...
LyricaLady · Review provided by amazon.com
Great features!
July 11, 2021
The options are endless with this tablet. There are so many things you can do with a variety of books, apps, games, videos, music, etc. I...
Caybaby85 · Review provided by amazon.com
Mothers Little Helper
July 19, 2021
I am super happy to get to try out the new Amazon Fire 7 Kids Pro Tablet. It is very quick and easy to set up, just enter your info, foll...
ginab38 · Review provided by amazon.com
Great features
July 10, 2021
We are so happy with the Amazon fire 7 kids pro tablet! I love all the features and parent permission settings. I can set a time limit on...
3lilladies · Review provided by amazon.com
Great Features
July 13, 2021
Oh my this is the best Fire 7 Kids pro ever from Amazon! My kids absolutely love it . They have downloaded so many games and love watchin...
Frankie20 · Review provided by amazon.com
Very kid friendly!!
July 25, 2021
The kids Amazon Kindle is very kid friendly. The easy grip makes it safe to carry around and not drop. The handle seconds as a prop to ho...
Momofboys · Review provided by amazon.com
Great for little ones
July 09, 2021
My almost 3 year old loves stealing our phones, laptops, and tablets to watch his cartoons. Now he doesn't have to! This tablet is the pe...
eddieboy67 · Review provided by amazon.com
July 12, 2021
The last tablet I purchased was a Kindle Fire in 2016, this is absolutely an upgrade! This tablet came with a nice, durable, sturdy cover...
KellyN · Review provided by amazon.com
Child Friendly!
July 05, 2021
This tablet is perfect for children. The size of it is perfect for a childs small hands to comfortably play with its different features. ...
WAKA · Review provided by amazon.com
Great kids tablet
August 15, 2021
I just received it and my daughter is so happy. She immediatly started using the tablet and loved it. A lot of choices of apps. I love th...
Markij · Review provided by amazon.com
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