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Glorified hardware with poor software
November 26, 2022
I bought Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra yesterday after considering about it for a few months now. I have been using both iPad and different android...
Giri · Review provided by samsung.com
May 12, 2023
This review is not on the product itself but a review on buying an open box product from Bestbuy.com. The item was described as excellent...
MenachemS · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Great hardware with poor software
November 29, 2022
I was pretty excited to get Samsung Galaxy Tab as it has been a while since I purchased a new tablet. I have used several android tablets...
GiridharR · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Voice input does not in Dex mode- deal killer
March 25, 2022
I bought the Tab S8 a week ago and spent a lot of time setting it up. The phone mode drives you crazy because the app icons and widgets m...
Bill · Review provided by samsung.com
My Last Samsung Purchase
March 27, 2022
I purchased this product for its large screen size to use with graphs that I use for reference. Samsung has eliminated the 30 minute opti...
Shonya · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Was great until two months ago
August 18, 2022
I pre-ordered the S8 Ultra the day it launched. I was SO excited to receive it and it was amazing! I has no complaints and had I written ...
KitKat23 · Review provided by samsung.com
Defective tablet..returning
November 01, 2022
Spent money on case cover and $50 charger, which was not included in a $800 tablet. After all this, couldn't get sd slot open with the pi...
Mia · Review provided by samsclub.com
Broken, broken, broken
May 13, 2022
Worked great for about 2 months. Then the charging port broke. Wouldn't charge. Sent it in for repairs. Got it back about 2 weeks later....
Sophia · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Broke Immediately for No Apparent Reason
May 11, 2023
IT seemed great for about 3-4 days then stopped working entirely. I had bad mental health at the time (I have had it for 4 and half month...
Kjosh · Review provided by samsung.com
Endless boot loop
April 22, 2022
I set up my new s8 ultra tablet and then it went in to an endless boot loop until the battery extinguished. I tried all the tricks but no...
Ceya · Review provided by samsung.com
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