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Fun game but pen doesn’t draw correctly
June 25, 2022
This game seems like it’s fun but on the first use we noticed when drawing one line the pen drew 3 lines. When holding the button down an...
Sflores · Review provided by mattel.com
Pictionary. Yea.
December 31, 2021
It’s Pictionary. The box it comes in is fine. The quality of the product is irrelevant. If you like Pictionary, buy it. If you don’t, buy...
newkirk25 · Review provided by Best Buy
Stick to the board game!
August 21, 2019
Nice idea but the downloadable app from your phone is quite simple and doesn't pick up the drawing very well, making playing the game rea...
· Review provided by Argos
Extremely Fast Shipping! Less then 24 HOURS!
October 25, 2020
I would've definitely given them a ten stars if I could. But it's a Birthday gift for a little kid and they left it exposed for him to se...
ZL1Buddy · Review provided by walmart.com
Not as good as the original.
December 26, 2019
We bought this game for christmas thinking it would be a good family game to play. Unfortunately it didn't turn out to be as fun as we th...
· Review provided by Argos
Not what we expected
December 27, 2019
We bought this as a game to play with the kids but it was really quite difficult. The pen is really touchy and when you draw, you have to...
Katk123 · Review provided by bigw.com.au
November 20, 2020
Neat idea, but harder and less fun. Without being able to see your drawing, most of the time it just looked like scribbles. No one was ab...
Cdwschneider · Review provided by Target
January 15, 2020
I saw this was very popular so got this as a gift for a Christmas present. Would not recommend. Wanted to play in teams so tried to conne...
· Review provided by Argos
Tracking and collection
November 02, 2021
You give a facility to track the parcel.i saw that my parcel had arrived early in the morning.but when to get the parcel late afternoon. ...
Bigeff · Review provided by asda.com
July 22, 2021
This game does not work well at all no matter what we do you can’t get the drawing to line up on the TV no matter where we stand how far ...
Tammy · Review provided by walmart.com
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