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Incredible Monitor
September 08, 2021
This review is for monitor LG 34WP65G. This monitor is huge and esthetically beautiful. I like the minimalist design with no visible butt...
MackD · Review provided by LG
RTX and AMD 6000 Series Monster
July 30, 2021
First things first the looks and fit and finish. The bezels are very thin, almost near bezel less. When on you don’t really see the outer...
RayC102382 · Review provided by LG
Great monitor
December 29, 2021
I picked up this monitor for my son $100 less than anywhere else (Thank Walmart) coming from a 1080P/60mhz tv to this is like night and d...
· Review provided by walmart.com
"FAN"tastic Monitor
June 07, 2021
I was extremely impressed when the monitor showed up earlier than expected. The monitor was nicely protected, boxed well and 'simple' to ...
JBSchutte · Review provided by LG
good VA screen, amazing value
May 31, 2022
The screen is VA which means it has trouble with darks/blacks, this can be greatly mitigated with tweaking the settings, key words to loo...
Jimmy · Review provided by scorptec.com.au
June 17, 2021
WOW is all I can say! This monitor is simply fantastic. A bit about myself qualifying me to write this review.. I am a professional tech ...
Shadds · Review provided by LG
An impressive monitor, except for one thing
January 04, 2022
I don't need high-end graphics, but this gaming monitor was advertised in a black Friday special for about half price, so I got it. The s...
don deman · Review provided by LG
Good News: Its G-Sync Compatible according to Nvid
October 25, 2021
-Like the title says; according to Nvida control panel, it is G-Sync Compatible. So I tested it out and to my surprise no tearing/ghostin...
HmongSuperTurboFastGuy · Review provided by walmart.com
Amazing Display
June 17, 2021
This 32 inch monitor is amazing. The setting up was quite easy. It's also adjustable which I found my setup was a tad bit too tiny for it...
Viclove17 · Review provided by LG
Great Value Monitor
July 17, 2021
I was looking for a 27 inch 120hz monitor, and found this amazing value instead. Don't let the VA panel scare you, the viewing angles are...
G · Review provided by walmart.com
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