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Nice computer, Poor Display
January 14, 2022
CONS: - First, I need to say how poor the color quality and brightness of the screen is. It's bad, and I usually don't notice these thing...
Pavel A. · Review provided by dell.com
5410 2-in1 Review
January 06, 2022
The laptop itself is faultless so far but the 5410 2-in-1 feels like much poorer quality than 5406 2-in-1 (previous laptop which has been...
Kacper · Review provided by dell.com
Value for money - no frills and few issues
March 16, 2021
A good basic, all-round laptop with few frills. It works as it would be expected to - quick on start up with little lag in carrying out s...
Adam · Review provided by dell.com
Not impressed with it.
January 05, 2022
I'm a Dell Inspiron 13 notebook user, for several years, and an active Linux user/tester. I also play a video intense game called Forge o...
Ed · Review provided by dell.com
Surprisingly slow start
February 05, 2022
With 16GB of RAM I expect my new computer to start quickly and easily. It is surprisingly slow and, while I will get used to waiting, mor...
AL · Review provided by dell.com
Laptop Review
April 08, 2022
After 4 months since purchase, the laptop stopped charging properly and would only work while plugged. Luckily I was able to get a replac...
jul · Review provided by dell.com
Nice machine but I had some teething trouble...
May 31, 2021
I had a few teething problems with this machine which appear to have settled down. Fresh out of the box, I un-installed the bundled anti-...
Dave Wild · Review provided by dell.com
Several issues in the first weeks of ownership
March 28, 2021
There is way too much stuff pre-installed on this laptop, including McAfee products and a bunch of Dell support software. I bought a 256 ...
K Walker · Review provided by dell.com
August 11, 2021
Product seems not completely Aluminium, downpart seems delicate handle with care. Keyboard is not convinient, without backlit keyboard my...
Ram · Review provided by dell.com
Display blurred, battery draining fast
May 27, 2022
I would really love to give it a five star review. But due to recent problems I decided to go with 3. During Zoom meeting the display got...
Magasan · Review provided by dell.com
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