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Wished you still had refills for the 5", 510 model
December 17, 2021
Disappointed this won't fit in my older 5" , 510 model. From the description on the website I thought it would work. Will now have to buy...
Andrea · Review provided by xyron.com
Grate Service, know there product
July 18, 2021
Sometimes you have to go directly to the source to get what you need. I've learned that lesson by using Xyron. Love all there products.
Lydia · Review provided by xyron.com
price went up quality went down
April 25, 2020
did they change maker because I had a project and had 3 machines in use, and I would load refill and be broken before or after I loaded. ...
Nicole · Review provided by walmart.com
Exactly what I was looking for
October 02, 2021
Pleased with this purchase. Especially since they offered free shipping. I'll be back to buy more refills.
Noreen · Review provided by xyron.com
Be sure you match the refill with the machine
January 29, 2020
I’m sure it works well with the right sticker machine. However, I learned the hard way that my 5” machine was a Creative Station Lite, an...
Vrgrandma · Review provided by walmart.com
Permanent Adhesive Lable Maker Cartridge
January 04, 2016
This type of cartridge makes excellent postage labels; however sometimes the lables crimp and I have to partically remove and reseat the ...
Vini · Review provided by walmart.com
Good find. Works great.
March 05, 2017
I love my sticker machine and am happy to have found the replacement cartridges so easily, though unfortunately it does not appear they c...
BoatyMcBoatface · Review provided by walmart.com
EASY, FAST, Makes sense to me.
October 21, 2018
I think it is a great product I use it for large stickers ad for pictures sometimes it is easy to use while I am showing my grandchildren...
roxie1525 · Review provided by ebay.com
Adhesive refill
March 21, 2016
The value of this item is self-explanatory: it allows you to create a sticker which can be placed onto your cardstock or designer paper, ...
olenole · Review provided by walmart.com
Awesome Product!
February 26, 2012
After dealing with spray adhesive, all types of glue, and every other add-stick to whatever you need; this was the best thing I found at ...
TickledTutu · Review provided by walmart.com
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