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Doesn’t work after 2 months.
August 04, 2022
I use this in the middle of the night to keep my breastmilk bottles cool so I don’t have to run to the kitchen. When it works, it works g...
Kimstev · Review provided by walmart.com
Not worth the money
August 16, 2021
I received the product on July 28. After unpacking and reading instructions, I plugged it in and put it on cool. The next week I really e...
codyabi5 · Review provided by walmart.com
February 18, 2022
Very cute mini refrigerator but would Not recommend anyone to purchase it. I had it almost 10 months. I had it plugged and smelled this s...
Lisa · Review provided by walmart.com
3 Failed Fridges
November 29, 2021
I have gone through three of these fridges now. I give up! First one lasted 2 months. Second one 3 weeks. Third one I was lucky and it la...
Confused · Review provided by walmart.com
Fridge stops working 2 months after purchase
November 10, 2022
The led feature and surface of the fridge are very nice. The size is small and when it worked it kept my medicine cold. However, one say ...
Veronica · Review provided by walmart.com
Do Not Buy!
December 31, 2021
After buying 3 of these, we are giving up. Ordered my daughter one for Christmas, and it didn’t work out of the box. The fan would run, t...
AnthonyP · Review provided by walmart.com
Be warned this item DOES NOT WORK past a year!!!!
October 21, 2022
Bought this in the beginning of the year. Was amazing at first, was so happy with the size and light option. But 2months ago I start noti...
Charity · Review provided by walmart.com
don't buy this
January 16, 2021
This fridge sucks 3 weeks,after I got it water would come from the screws on the inside and leak into the bottom i just started putting a...
debra · Review provided by walmart.com
Do NOT Buy! This is JUNK
September 07, 2022
the Manufacturer Warranty is 90 days. it died in 100 days, now it's trash. walmart also has a 90 Day Window for return. Most appliances a...
LauraK · Review provided by walmart.com
Stop working
September 01, 2022
Very disappointed! I never give reviews on Walmart, but this one! It firsts worked well, after months, it just not as cool as it was but ...
Aelia · Review provided by walmart.com
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